Author: Christine Gelin

Christine is a student in Florida Zone 10b slowly but surely turning a black thumb green on a screened-in patio. She enjoys the challenge of propogating plants and collecting seeds and has her sights set on a cut flower garden and a lemon tree you'll never hear the end of. If you wanted to hear something amusing,  she once grew (a lot of) mini tomatoes but actually has never liked them all that much. Catch her zealously pruning a basil plant, deadheading rose bushes, taking pictures of pretty flowers, and searching for cuttings to propogate.

Purple Basil Gift Pot

How to Split or Divide Plants

To follow up on my last post, I’m documenting how I’m going to split or divide plants, specifically my purple basil plant. It’s going to make the perfect gift to a coworker who gardens and simultaneously helps my plant. My purple basil has grown so much and I’m grateful for it! In photos, it may
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