Author: Rurally Rooted

Shelby is the newbie here at Spicey Gardening Solutions. She hails from Allegheny County in Pennsylvania, Zones 6a-6b. She looks forward to creating beautiful, relatable content for her zones’ gardeners. Her time on the farm has taught her a lot about herself. When she’s not writing content, she enjoys tending to her crops.

pickle in jars

Cucumber and Pickle Lovers, Unite!

Hey, Pickle Lovers. Listen, I love pickles like nobody’s business. A pickle a day keeps the doctor away! That’s how it goes, right? What Are Pickles? Did you know that some people don’t even realize that a pickle comes from a cucumber? Yes, really. My sister was one of them. *Shakes head.* Pickles are fermented
green beans

Growing Tired of Green Beans

I’m simply tired of green beans. The end of a season and the start of a much-needed break. At last, the fall has come and brought with it that cool, crisp air. It’s been a long time coming, but my favorite time of year is finally upon us. Speaking of favorites, green beans are definitely

Why You Should Attract Monarch Butterflies to Your Garden

Did you know that monarch butterflies are quickly headed toward extinction? According to experts, global climate change, land development and pesticides are the causes. Today, I was lounging on my backyard patio while writing for you. Then, something caught my eye. As I was searching my thoughts for a topic to indulge in, a magnificent
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