Author: Spicey Ky

2020 Life led Spicey Ky to gardening due to hoarding panic. Now, it's her way of life. Take this journey with her as she experiments with various gardening techniques, including soil amendments, companion planting, succession planting, bloopers, mishaps, recommendations and more. #SoCal #Zone9B

Best Gardening Apps: Planter – Garden Planner App

Top 8 Gardening Apps to Help Improve Productivity

Looking for gardening apps that help users improve productivity throughout the growing process? Well, here are eight that I use to help me do everything from companion planting to relaxing in the yard. 8 Gardening Apps for Beginners and Experts 1. iNaturalist Created by the California Academy of Sciences and National Geographic, iNaturalist is a
Spicey's Garden Winter Squash 2020

Why You Should Be Growing Winter Squash

Ever heard of growing winter squash? Do you wonder what’s the difference between winter and summer squash? It’s all about the skin. One is hard, the other is soft. What’s the difference between summer and winter squash? Summer squash has thin, tender skin. This means you must eat or process it fairly soon after harvesting
Front Flower Bed Mulch 1

Inorganic Mulch vs Organic Mulch

New to gardening or trying to improve the look of your landscape? Then, you’re probably wondering about inorganic mulch vs organic mulch. What’s the difference? Both types of mulches provide soil protection. The main difference between the two is that organic mulch is or is made using materials that are of natural origins, like wood
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