Cucumber and Pickle Lovers, Unite!

Cucumber and Pickle Lovers, Unite!

Hey, Pickle Lovers. Listen, I love pickles like nobody’s business. A pickle a day keeps the doctor away! That’s how it goes, right?

What Are Pickles?

Did you know that some people don’t even realize that a pickle comes from a cucumber? Yes, really. My sister was one of them. *Shakes head.*

Pickles are fermented fruit. They taste delightfully like:

  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Garlicky goodness

And I love them oh so much!

pickles in jar
Cucumbers are fermented to create the pickle lovers dream!

For Pickles Lovers: They Are Ancient Wonders

Did you also know… pickles got their start over FOUR THOUSAND years ago?! I sure didn’t.

They became a thing when ancient humans from Mesopotamia started soaking their cucumbers in an acidic brine. This was done to help preserve them, and has been done so over and over again for the centuries that followed.

Pickles are known best today for their delicious, specific taste and unique health benefits. The word ‘pickle’ actually comes from a version of two different previous terms. Both terms mean ‘salt’ or ‘brine’:

  1. Dutch: pekel
  2. Northern German: pókel

Salt and brine are two extremely important parts of the pickling process.

Cucumbers Are Really Easy to Grow

Cucumbers are great. They are excellent growers in many different areas. You can plant them straight into the ground, or start them early indoors if you’d like. If you don’t have a lot of space, you can even plant them in their own little potted system!

My favorite way to grow them is to use a simple trellis system. You can buy these for your garden, or build your own. My husband actually built some planters a few years back, that we enjoy using to let the cucs do their thing.

It’s just a simple step planter. We attached some nails and twine on the top so that they can climb up and we can simply step underneath to pick them! Super fun!

These cucumbers almost look like pickles already.

Pickle Lovers: So Many Options

Cucs Are My Favorite Produce to Preserve!

Can you dig it? Pickling is something I got started with a long time ago, but have since perfected my craft at it. There are literally endless ways to make pickles.

How to Make Pickles

Here’s just a few options:

  • Refrigerator pickles
  • Water bath pickles
  • Pressure canned pickles

Different Pickle Flavors

And the flavors!? Way too many delicious tastes to choose from:

  • Garlicky dill (My personal fave)
  • Salt and vinegar (This one takes the #2 spot!)
  • Bread and butter
  • Hot and spicy
  • Sweet and spicy
  • Sweet and sour

You get the picture! Pickles can literally be made into whatever flavor you’d like.

Botanical Interests Gifts for Gardeners

pickle in jars
Hey, Pickle Lovers, doesn’t this make your mouth water?

Ways to Pickle Cucumbers for Pickle Lovers

Refrigerator Pickles

Refrigerator pickles are most definitely my favorite way to preserve them. But unfortunately, they don’t last very as long.

I try to use this method if I don’t have that many, or if I’m feeling particularly lazy that day.

Water Bath Canning Pickles

The water bath canning pickles method is my go-to for long-term preservation. I’ve got quite the collection!

I’ve tried out many different recipes throughout the years, but have stuck with one of my family’s recipes for now. Give me a little time and I’ll come back and share it with you.

I’m hoping to find a few others that I love. So, please drop any in the comments if you have recipes that you’d be willing to share!

Happy pickling, Pickle Lovers!

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